Remember: If you accept a thought offering that says you can’t or If you choose instead to think you can, You’re right!

Be happy to learn that you are really a much, much better, stronger, and more joyful person than you “now” misbelieve you are!

YOU ARE THE HERO OR THE SUPERSTAR, AND THE EMPHASIS IS ON YOUR EMOTIONAL PLEASURE AND PHYSICAL POWER (ENERGY). THE THIRD FOCAL POINT IS NOW, MEANING THAT THE ONLY TIME YOU CAN EXPERIENCE TOTAL PLEASURE AND POWER IS RIGHT NOW. The Unlimiting System is thus designed to enable you to embrace, seize, or make the most of each precious life instant. Thinking about the future or the past limits your experience of life by taking you out of the now.

You activate yourself by choosing to access the Unlimiting Mind-Set, which changes your thinking by changing your mind-set.

As I have observed with most things in life, either a personal experience or a stunning demonstration are the two best catalysts for fostering self-improvement or self- discovery.

The emphasis of Unlimit Yourself is on “Your internal experience and activation of peak pleasure and power” and on “you benefiting now!”