About The Book

UNLIMIT YOURSELF is more than a book, it’s a unique system, the ONLY system of it’s kind in existence!

You will happily and joyfully discover that you don’t need to CHANGE yourself as you have probably been erroneously programmed or told you need to do.

You simply need to learn to access your higher or UNLIMITING MINDSET and let IT ACTIVATE you to peak pleasure and power.

Dr. Meng has discovered and developed the only system in existence which shows people HOW to ACHIEVE PEAK PLEASURE and POWER at will!

UNLIMIT YOURSELF is totally different and far SUPERIOR to any self-help or successful living book on the market today.

These other books and approches keep us locked in the lower or limiting mindset which causes us to struggle for meager benefits for long periods of time.

Dr Meng shows us that it is actually easier to receive immeditae benefits in all dimensions of life by simply accessing our higher or UNLIMITING mindset.


Discover and learn that you are really created as a SUPERSTAR and are a SUPERSTAR RIGHT NOW!

Why should you acquire and TREAT YOURSELF to this book, UNLIMIT YOURSELF, and the total PLEASURE and POWER system?

  • You will learn and discover a far, far superior and different system for SUCCESSFUL LIVING
  • It outdates the OLD WAVE of SELF-HELP and SUCCESSFUL LIVING approaches and books on the market today
  • It is the first, the start, of a NEW WAVE of books on self-help, personal growth, ¬†successful living, and energy dynamics
  • UNLIMIT YOURSELF is totally different, far superior and will ignite a paradigm shift in the areas of self help, successful living and energy dynamics
  • UNLIMIT YOURSELF has had proven results for the body, health, mind, psychological, spiritual and philosophical sides of people from very diverse backgrounds

UNLIMIT YOURSELF is far superior and totally different from the hundreds of self help or successful living books on the market today, or even in existence today! It is a one of a kind, first of its kind, book to help you activate and access your peak pleasure and power!

UNLIMIT YOURSELF is the first of a NEW WAVE of self-help books which will be forthcoming based on ACTIVATING our higher or UNLIMITING MINDSETS to achieve PEAK PLEASURE and POWER in our lives

Once people start using Dr. Meng’s UNLIMITING SYSTEM to activate PEAK PLEASURE and POWER in their lives, it is analogous to using an automobile rather than a horse and buggy for transportation.

You can easily discover that using your HIGHER MINDSET and the UNLIMITING SYSTEM is a far, far superior approach to activate your peak EMOTIONS and ENERGY.

Live the totally fulfilling life you were created to have as an ACTIVATED SUPERSTAR!

With this book as your guide, you will quickly discover how easy it is to ACTIVATE your peak PLEASURE and POWER banks. You will learn how to ACCESS your peak PLEASURE and POWER banks at will.

UNLIMIT YOURSELF shows you how to receive maximum benefits in ALL dimensions of your life.

The other approaches and books out there (in existence) today, keep you locked in your lower mindset which causes you to needlessly struggle and strive for only minimal benefits. UNLIMIT YOURSELF is different than this old wave of thinking and opens accessibility to maximizing your true potential.

For FAR LESS EFFORT, you can achieve the peak PLEASURE and POWER which you are created to have, be, and do as an ACTIVATED SUPERSTAR!

UNLIMIT YOURSELF and Dr. Meng show you that you are a SUPERSTAR right NOW! You simply have not learned to ACTIVATE your peak PLEASURE and POWER banks.



While treating yourself to the supremely simple, yet extremely powerful system for successful living offered in this book, you will joyfully observe:

1. You effortlessly withdraw from your peak pleasure, power, performance, prosperity and health banks.

2. How to soar into the wonderful world of the activated superstar infused with peak emotional pleasure and bursting with physical energy!

3. How to liberate your unlimiting superstar within, to experience being the masterpiece of creation who you really are!

You will jubilantly observe while treating yourself to this ultimate unlimiting celebration of life that you will receive these benefits across the board and immediately in all dimensions of life.

In addition, you will notice that you are receiving these benefits for less effort, strain, and stress than you are currently enduring for the pitiful, pathetic, paltry benefits of the limiting systems which you are currently struggling with.

You will benefit “as” ¬†you learn mostly by enjoying outrageous, humorous, or inspiring memorable stories such as:

1 – The fifty-dollar Mercedes

2 – The discovery of the world’s largest sapphire

3 – The activated Tennis Turtle

4 – The world’s most successful financiers.

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The marketing and publicity campaign for “Unlimit Yourself: The Ultimate Successful Life System” is being undertaken by the Page Publishing marketing department, Promotion of the book includes the dissemination and delivery of a high volume of press releases, various Twitter and Facebook postings, and assorted online advertising campaigns.

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