About The Author

Dr. Roy Meng has had more amazing experiences in his life, than most anyone we have heard of. Some of these are:

At age 12, Roy was bucked off of his horse (Star) and was kicked in the head. This resulted in a brain concussion and ruptured eardrum. Roy tells how he “died” in the hospital and returned to life in the same day! Roy explains that what most people call “death” is not really dying at all, but rather releasing oneself from their body and entering another dimension of living!

Another amazing adventure in Roy’s life occurred as a freshman at the University of Arizona, when he entered the “UNLIMITING ZONE” as a tennis player defeating his idol the #1 ranked tennis player in the United States! Roy traveled the International Tennis Circuit for two years as a SUPERSTAR world class athlete. This is highlighted in the book UNLIMIT YOURSELF through the “Activated Tennis Turtle” example.

Roy claims he has below average intelligence and almost flunked out of college in his first year. He was able to utilize the “UNLIMITING SYSTEM” over and over to overcome barrier after barrier. Roy eventually earned a PhD in Business Administration at the University of Arizona, in Tucson, Arizona.

In the areas of Managing and Teaching, Dr. Meng has excelled as the Long Range Planning Coordinator for the Arizona Community College System. In addition, he taught for the Management Department for six years. Dr. Meng then left the University of Arizona and teaching to pursue a career as a real estate investor and property manager.

After three years, Dr. Roy Meng was featured on the front page of “Who’s Who in Tucson, Arizona”, having become a real estate millionaire in just under three years of entering into the investment and property management segment of his careers. After retiring briefly at age 39, Roy said “I’m tired of being retired!”. He then returned to his other loves (after tennis); Writing and Teaching.

In 1980, Dr. Meng started his MENG FINANCIAL SUPERSTAR SEMINAR business and MENG SCHOOLS to teach his fantastic wealth building system to others. When referring to him, he was called “Tucson’s Financial Superstar” and “America’s Foremost Wealth Educator” (between 1980-1986). After retiring briefly again in 1986, Dr. Meng began developing and teaching what he calls the “ULTIMATE SUCCESSFUL LIVING SYSTEM” which he states can be used by anyone to ACTIVATE PEAK PLEASURE and POWER in every dimension of your life!

He states that “UNLIMIT YOURSELF” teaches anyone willing to learn this one-of-a-kind simple, powerful system which is TOTALLY DIFFERENT and FAR SUPERIOR to all of the systems and all of the current books on the market today. He shows how to ACTIVATE Peak Pleasure and power. UNLIMIT YOURSELF is revolutionizing the fields of personal growth, self-help, successful living, and energy dynamics.